Professional Utility Resources LLC


Customized process for defined covered tasks to reflect the operating
procedures, methods, equipment, materials systems and documentation
of the Utility

Programs delivered can be of
PUR, Utility or Consortia design

Covered tasks can be "clustered" to focus qualifications on specific job
descriptions or tasks

Programs are mobile and can be delivered at your site


Content includes all tasks  in the pipeline industry

Programs are "modular" to focus on specific training needs

Each module contains the technical content including the knowledge,
skills and abilities to accomplish a task and is supplemented by
appropriate safety, OSHA and HAZCOM training content

Each module is supplemented with manuals, "job aids," updates and
"best practices"

Each module has "learning checklists" to assist in on the job application
of programs


Content includes a full range of supervisory, management and
executive development, education and assessment programs directed
at identifying and enhancing administrative, personal, interpersonal and
organization effectiveness


PUR is committed to the efficient, cost effective implementation of the
programs that it delivers

PUR is able to supply:

Field audits and observations to ensure the standard of performance of
covered tasks and to re-qualify on site

Support and assistance in regulatory audits and inquires

Assistance in additional OQ requirements including:  re-evaluation and
training after a failed OQ attempt, Post accident re-evaluation and
investigation, Unsatisfactory performance re-evaluation and training

Postings and Updates regarding changes in material, equipment and
procedures, Safety "TIPs" and   Safe Operations Tailgates can be
delivered electronically


All PUR instructors, qualifiers and facilitators are pipeline professionals
each with over 20+ years of hands-on demonstrated and proven

All instructors/qualifiers have attended facilitation and "Skills
Performance Evaluation" Workshops

All instructors/qualifiers are experienced and effective in: hands-on
educational techniques, facilitation, communication.  

Instructors/qualifiers are assigned to specific customer accounts to
ensure consistency, follow up, point of contact and support.